Kambo is traditionally taken on the new moon, but this week I felt for taking it outside the cabin on a full moon. The weather gods were on my side, so an excellent day for purge.

Gyda 🐱 entering the space would be the only minor challenge to setting up the altar in the forest. And the famous Norwegian mosquitos. Either way, it would be my personal summer solstice cleanse 🐸

I got some assistance to apply some auricular points (using Shen Men), and re-used 5 of my 9 worlds-points.

1 – Midgard – Our earth. The place where we live and where our actions happen.The center of the 9 worlds.

And then the 4 wind directions:

2 – Niflheim – North of Midgard, world of ice. It’s an extremely cold place and the home of the frozen giants.

3 – Muspelheim – The world of fire. It’s extremely hot here and the home of the fire giants.

4 – Vanaheim – West of Midgard; home of the fertility gods. This place provides the fauna and flora to Midgard.

5 – Jotunheim – East of Midgard. The Jotun giants live here, and they influence Midgard with stones and minerals.